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Entergy Agrees to Close Indian Point

It is a very sad day for AAEA.  We have been working to keep this plant open for 15 years.  We were hoping and working for a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license renewal that would give the plant 20 more years of emission free electricity production.  Alas, it was not to be.

In secret negotiations, some principal parties to an ongoing water permit adjudication except AAEA, agreed to close Unit 2 in 2020 and Unit 3 in 2021.  Parties in the agreement include Riverkeeper, the State of New York, NYS Office of the Attorney General, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Department of Health, NYS Department of State, NYS Department of Public Service and Entergy.

The main items in the Indian Point Closure Agreement include:

  • Reactors scheduled to cease operations within four years

  • Spent fuel will be transferred to secure ‘dry cask’ storage

  • More inspections of vital components (baffle/former bolts) will be required during operations

  • $15 million environment and community fund established

Norris McDonaldComment