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New Jersey Passes Legislation To Keep Nuclear Plants Open

Senate and House legislators in New Jersey today passed S2313 and A3724, companion bills that will ensure the continued operation of the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants in that state. Salem and Hope Creek power plants support more than 5,000 jobs, produce enough electricity to power 3 million homes per day and provide more than 90 percent of the state's zero-carbon electricity.  The bills preserve more than $800 million in annual economic activity across New Jersey.

AAEA testified at hearings in December 2017 and in February 2018 in support of the legislation.  Our phone calls to legislators and an Op Ed the day before the vote also hopefully helped in convincing legislators to support the bills. AAEA concentrated on the health effects of closing the plants.  

The passage of these bills in New Jersey comes in the wake of similar actions taken by lawmakers in New York, Illinois and Connecticut who recognized the economic and environmental benefits of commercial nuclear energy in those states. 

Norris McDonaldComment