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Norris McDonald New York City Council Proclamation

Norris McDonald

Norris McDonald

The New York City Council has announced that AAEA President Norris McDonald will receive a Proclamation recognizing his environmental work at a ceremony on November 14, 2018 at noon.

AAEA was founded in 1985 and established a New York Office in 2001. AAEA has been a leader in fighting for clean air for the City and authored the City’s Environmental Justice Law. Council persons Charles and Inez Barron introduced the environmental justice legislation that was eventually signed into law.

Norris McDonald joined the environmental movement in 1979 and we have spent a significant amount of our time and energy working for environmental protection in New York.

Dan Durette  has been the Director of the New York AAEA Office since its founding.

Dan Durette has been the Director of the New York AAEA Office since its founding.

AAEA seeks to realize the initial promise of the environmental justice movement.  At the top of our agenda is the health of all people.  A healthy person is a happy person.  A healthy populace is a happy populace.  A happy populace is more inclined to pursue policies that continue to enhance societal health.

We seek opportunities for the many, including jobs, productivity, and personal power. Whether industrial or post-industrial, a society needs abundant power in order to be prosperous. Our challenge is to produce the most power with the least amount of pollution.

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