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Technology can be a practical solution to environmental problems.

Technology can also help in mitigating environmental injustice. 

Vision, Mission & Strategy

The African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA) was founded to address the continuing crisis of pollution that disproportionately affects the poor and communities of color.

Our strategy is to conduct cutting-edge research on the causes and consequences of air, water and land pollution. We seek to change public policy and regulations at the federal, state and local levels to better protect vulnerable individuals and communities.

AAEA is particularly concerned about the premature closures of nuclear power plants. These plants do not produce smog forming gases that pose a health threat in urban and suburban areas.  These plants do not produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change.  We must keep our current plants operating and we must build new plants in order to mitigate ground-level air pollution and atmospheric air pollution.

We are pragmatic and pro-technology. AAEA believes technological progress is a necessary pre-condition for prosperity, freedom, equality, and solving environmental problems. And AAEA believes that the values of freedom and equality have been essential to the development and diffusion of world-changing technologies.


Core Values

AAEA seeks to realize the initial promise of the environmental justice movement.  At the top of our agenda is the health of all people.  A healthy person is a happy person.  A healthy populace is a happy populace.  A happy populace is more inclined to pursue policies that continue to enhance societal health.

We seek opportunities for the many, including jobs, productivity, and personal power. Whether industrial or post-industrial, a society needs abundant power in order to be prosperous. Our challenge is to produce the most power with the least amount of pollution.

Finally, what the environmental and environmental justice movements require is evolution beyond the outmoded ideologies of the 1970s. The environmentalist backlash to modern life and a high-energy civilization made sense at a time of fears of apparent resource scarcity. But today, these impulses are taking us backwards. AAEA thus seeks to empower the next generation to confront new human and environmental problems, and work together to overcome them.

Prosperous societies harmonize the environment and human needs.

— Norris McDonald


We work to achieve the application of practical environmental solutions.

  • We promote technological solutions to our problems.
  • We utilize policies that can and will enhance technological solutions.
  • We promote the creation of jobs and infrastructure that balance development with the environment.
  • We prioritize health within the energy production arena.
  • We promote policies and technologies that lead to prosperity.
  • We promote sustainable prosperity.
  • We work to assure that energy is plentiful and affordable.