What We Do

What We Do


Our Mission

We utilize practical solutions to achieve prosperity.  Sustainability is a worthy goal but is not ambitious enough.  We must go beyond simply sustaining a post-industrial society.  We must engage in activities that enhance our planet and thus enhance our existence. 

If global warming is one of our biggest challenges, we must address it in a manner that includes solutions to related issues, such as jobs, health care and energy innovation.  

We hope that justice will prevail.  Our pursuit of happiness depends on it.

A prosperous society is a society that will figure out how to harmonize the environment with our human needs.
— Norris McDonald - Autobiography of an Environmentalist

What We Will Achieve

We seek to achieve the application of practical environmental solutions.

  • Technology can provide solutions to our problems. 
  • Policies can enhance technological solutions. 
  • Jobs, health and infrastructure are all environmental issues. 
  • We can balance development with the environment.
  • We will promote policies and technologies that lead to prosperity.
  • Our collective experience will be utilized to encourage sustainable prosperity.
  • When our basic needs are met, we are open to helping others.